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You might feel like “Why does Working Beauty make a parody of Showgirls? Isn’t Working Beauty promoting strong female characters? While Showgirls is just a bunch of misogynist crap?”

Untitled, watercolor at age 16, half-destroyed by flood-water

Well, I agree AND it is also a very camp interpretation of femininity and thus a commentary on women’s social standing. So while women are shown as uber-stereotypes and they are exploited out of their wits (which is a reflection of how society treats women), the movie itself is still celebrating uber-feminine characters.

I tell you why, Showgirls has become a cult classic in the gay and drag-community. Exactly because of it’s presentation of women! Most gay men love femininity (look at Almodovar’s movies for example)! And drag is not just about men putting on women’s clothes, it’s an art that often portrays the ultra-female, and often with that reflecting on how society sees women.

But then gay men don’t treat femininity as if it’s something bad, they celebrate it! … Is that the same in our corporate culture? My experience is the opposite. I am not impressed with men who go all rational on us nor with women who are afraid to be themselves. Because it’s bad to be emotional, to be a dramatic diva, to be a b*tch, to be “sexy”, to wear make-up… So in the corporate environment all becomes a big blob of “male characteristics” because that is STILL considered more appropriate when it comes to career and leadership.

We often think femininity is just the outside package. No it’s about being a woman, the estrogen, the mood swings, our different way of problem-solving, the hole she-bang (pun intended). My view is that the power actually lies in the feminine and how we actually are different from men! … And the challenge is to find the balance between becoming what society expects to be feminine (that more often than not is focused on the appearance) and yet not to deny our feminine side to become one of the men!

And so Showgirls is still one of those movies, that fascinates me for it’s uber-feminine characters. And so if the gay can love it, so can Working Beauty! And so the parody will come up on Sunday!

What do you think are the best female qualities?
What are things/characteristics you feel like hiding in your job?
Which of those would you consider particularly female?

Just some questions to think or comment about, both for men and women…

PS: If you are looking for some tips on great everyday business make-up to underline your femininity, go to Sonia’s blog and read “The Power of Make-Up” and it’s interesting, how she also has to “justify” herself sometimes for picking up such a girlie hobby like cosmetics… Again, proves my point a bit!



  • http://sweetmakeuptemptations Sonia

    Hi Aldona :)
    I agree with you and our power is in the difference !
    Probably the best female quality is to be able to open herself to other women, this is something that men don’t often do, even between themselves !
    I want to be treated with respect in my job, so applying lipstick in the middle of the office in front of men, or doing any kind of make up touch-up in public is out of the question :) That’s a no-no. It can be taken two ways : a sexy call to them or a shallow gesture .. Being feminine yes but with some mystery, discretion and glamour without showing them too much of how we get there ;)

    Hugs !

    • Working Beauty

      Thanks Sonia! Yes! I agree… Wearing lipstick, yes yes yes, applying it in a business meeting, no no no… I think it’s great though that we can bring some variety to the workplace, women can dress more colourful and with more variety than men … which I think also adds a different element. My partner always says (with jealousy): you have much more choice in clothing, we can only wear a suit and a tie… so true! I always made the MOST out of my possibilities there, I have to be honest :-) As RuPaul said in an interview “Looking good is a celebration of yourself, it’s like telling your creator: I love it, I decorate it”…

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