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Dear readers and Working Beauties…

Two things to talk to you about this week, w hich I am very excited about as an artist… First of all the release of Tinka, the Tram-driver for the public transport company in Zürich, Switzerland! I love Tinka and she’s a hard-working lovely girl… our corporate beauties could learn some things from her. Tinka is driving her Tram in German so far, so I hope you can still read it.

Check out her strips here (in the meantime only on facebook, but you can access and view without having an account):

VBZjobs on Facebook

Also please find an interview with myself here about Tinka (and a little about Working Beauty too):

Buckmanngewinnt Blog

I am very excited and hope you are too!
What do you think of Tinka? Let me know…

Cheers and hugs


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