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Artist Corner: Escapism

April 19th, 2013

Dear readers and Working Beauties…

There are not only cheerful moments in the life of an artist. It wasn’t just a coincidence I chose to publish the “Wizard of Oz” Parody last week. I am not going through a good time at this moment. Probably one of the worst of my life. My mother is very ill and had to go to hospital so I travelled back all the way from Australia to Switzerland for a while to be with her.

Drawing from “Return To Oz” watercolour-pens at the age of about 15

At the beginning I thought I will not be able to keep up Working Beauty, but once the situation calmed down and I moved out of the shock state, I returned to what I know best with full force: funny cartoons. People say that most creativity comes from depression, sadness and despair …  hmmm that might be so and in my case I’d like to think that within that my art keeps me sane and actually cheerful.

My brain works overtime to think of those fantasy stories rather than spending too much time on the reality at hand. I know it is an escape too, but it’s helping. And I draw what I find funny (hoping that others do too). So basically I am cheering myself up by creating new funny stories.

I come to believe I am a very selfish individual…

That being said, I am even happier if you guys like what I put out! My heart beats faster with every comment I read from you! After all, if I can create more positive energy in my life, maybe a little of that ends up at your end too. That would be great.

So please keep on reading, enjoying. And do let me know what is your favorite escape plan from reality when you need it?

Cheers and hugs


  • jeremiah

    I hadn’t read a lot of your new stuff recently but its really good. Like things are really clicking, then i read this. I’m very sorry your mom is ill, and I hope she will be okay. Hang in there!

    • Working Beauty

      Jeremiah, you’re back! How lovely to see you again, and thanks so much for your kind words! … it is a hard time for me personally, because of my mom’s cancer (yes, it’s the ugly c-word). And I was devastated for quite a while. But as I said, a way for me to cope is to create comics. It’s like my own world I can go to, it’s not real… and I had a lot more time on my hands with waiting at the hospital etc. So I could really think of stories and jokes… so thanks for saying it’s “clicking”. I hope it is, and I am glad you enjoy it :-) There’s some more fun parodies to come too…

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