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Dear readers and Working Beauties…

A lot of people ask me where I get some of my ideas from. And I could come up with a simple answer like: “My brain just functions in a really weird way”…

But that’s not the truth really. I can have sparks of ideas and develop story-lines, characters… but those sparks are nothing without inspiration. And inspiration or that “breath of life” doeasn’t come from within me, it comes from things that people say, stories they tell me, or actually ideas that we create together… A lot of my former comics (hopefully at some point available online as well) came out of really inspiring conversations with close friends.

I still vividly remember some of those conversation. And one of them, I just had this week. And yes, it was about Season 3 of Working Beauty!

You see, I have some ideas, and some key happenings that will go down in the next Season. How will I get to all those happenings, I don’t know yet… but it was good to throw around some ideas with Sytske (who you might remember from the 1st Season book is also quite a bit responsible for helping me brainstorm the title of Working Beauty) who probably prevented me again from going some really unlogical places with the story.

She later wrote to me “Thanks for letting me into the Working Beauty secrets”.

It is no secret… It is friendship, and friendships are inspiration.
At least that’s what I believe! So go… get inspired!

Cheers and hugs


  • Marjoleine

    Thanks Aldona for sharing and for including us, fans and readers, in the behind-the-scenes of Working Beauty – cant wait for Season 3!

  • Working Beauty

    Thanks! It will be another 2 months approximately… but I think/hope it’s gonna be worth the wait :-)

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