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Silence is Golden

October 28th, 2015

Dear all

There has been a long silence, for which I want to apologise and at the same time there are no excuses… But I had/have my reasons.

In case any of you are still checking my site, there may or may not be some exciting projects coming up. There may or may not be the resurgence of “Starlet Academy”. And it may or may not be free on this site.

Everything is uncertain, like the state of the world. It ebbs and flows, and I am trying to get ready for a flow… And at the same time wonder, are you still there? And would you like to see more… and if yes, what are you willing to do for it?

In the meantime I leave you … with leaves…


Aldona (the real-world “Red”)


Dear all

As you know, I am drawing on Working Beauty since mid 2011… and I just realised last week that I accumulated 443 pages worth of material! This is cause for celebration, I think! And maybe you want to support the artist? What better way as to get all of those pages which are available as high-quality, uncensored digital download for the first time ever?

(Prices shown include Social Media discount, VAT is not included) These are the collections available. All purchases come with a printable pdf file and a smaller quality epub file. Both work on many readers and it is up to you which one you prefer. The online shop is provided by “Payhip” and payments go through “Paypal” (I think with paypal you don’t even need a credit card these days…).

All “single” seasons are available for individual purchase as well over here: Ebook Page

The first 5 purchases of the “Full Collection” will also receive a coupon code for an additional 30% off (resulting in a final price of only 4USD) for:

It would make me if you visit that e-shop and get yourself some reading material! There are plenty of extras in each season, like the cocktail game, plenty of movie parodies and season 5 includes the full (!) Ivanka story!

You’d be silly not to at least consider it!

Have a great Friday


Ivanka Moves On…

March 11th, 2015


Ivanka Looks Back

March 9th, 2015


Ivanka Needs to Apologize

March 8th, 2015


Ivanka Takes a Leap

March 6th, 2015


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March 4th, 2015


Ivanka Unleashes Dandy

March 2nd, 2015


I stumbled upon this movie today, and I immediately had to think of Ivanka
and her strange affliction for somewhat dangerous pets.
Obviously I don’t know the movie-makers, and they did not create this movie for my webcomic.  But it is nevertheless a very intriguing combination to watch this movie and think of Ivanka as the girl!

Give it a go!
(There are three drops of blood at one point… you are warned)


Ivanka Needs a Break

March 1st, 2015


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