You have no clue where you will be next year? The future seems too uncertain? Try to create a vision and go from there! I truly believe that it is important to be a visionary, because I think that visualizing a desired future is your best bet to make it all happen!

The reason I am saying this, is because I have experienced it first hand! For example when I envisioned my perfect job in 2005, one year later it all came true. My vision connected me emotionally with what was important for me at the time. I just knew I wanted to work in HR, with great people, have a friendly environment around me, and preferably to be able to speak more English (I was living in Switzerland at the time). My next job offered all of that!

Now, years later, I have decided I try the same magic again for my professional life as I haven’t really engaged in creating a vision for my business. This is what came out of it:


I think the best way to describe it, is that I believe my heart is like an account for love. But unlike money, the more love, understanding, compassion, acceptance and other positive qualities I can spend, the more joy it will create in me.

Now you are going to say: this has nothing to do with work. Well for me it does, because I want to create a sense of passion, abundance and beauty. The same goes for customers and organizations. In my dream world all corporations could operate with love and measure their heart KPIs! Because I truly believe, if there is passion for an organization and its people, it will be a healthy organization, also from an economic point of view.

Not sure now how I will achieve my vision, but I set my heart to see the opportunities… And I know I am only human and I sometimes have a tendency for negativity. So I know I will trip and I will make mistakes along the way. But that’s OK. I have my vision now…

I cannot but recommend everyone to try out a visioning exercise. Whether it is trying to think about the emotional state you want to find yourself in. Whether it is about the specific job you want to get. Whether it is a place you envision you want to go to… Draw it, write it down, dance it in the rain or create a sculpture… as a reminder.

And you have set the first step on a path that will lead you wherever you need to be!


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