The Great Depression

September 24th, 2013

The world is in dire need of antidepressants!


Fallen Angel, 2002

I didn’t post for a while, because I was depressed. Maybe I also didn’t know how to frame what I was perceiving in the world around me. But when I read this article by Justin Wise, it all made more sense to me!

So, no, I am not talking about the economic crisis when talking about the world’s depression, although the two might be linked. No, I really mean a collective depression, which is a psychological disorder and part of the mood disorders!

I went into a long discussion with a friend about whether the world has a unipolar (general negativity and lack of drive) or bipolar depression (the negative phases interchanged with phases of manic behaviour)…

I am frankly not quite sure. But I have to say, I don’t think the world’s mood is in balance. All I hear is we’re all just not doing as good as we should. And while that is often meant on an “economic” level, it is affecting me emotionally. So we are dragging each other down by that social discourse, which I heavily reflect in my cartoon work (anything including Pat Potter)! But even though we all speak about it, in my mind the economy is not the purpose of our existence nor does it have to be the source of our well-being (OR our misery).

So, talking about emotions and moods… Are we having a sense of helplessness or are we looking positively into the future? Are we focusing on negatives or rather on positives? And do we really believe… in our hearts… that we are good enough? How do we really feel?

I am sad. Mainly because what I perceive is the symptoms of a collective depression, which also results in a growing number of people with burn-out syndrome. Oh, and I do acknowledge the economy and its feelings… but why do we all have to be depressed too? It’s not the first time the economy is feeling under the weather. I know that there are studies that have shown that depressed patients would feel better if they talk to someone who is worse off than them. But in case of the economy I just don’t think it will feel better if we just continuously moan and whine to it!

And I believe there is a better world out there! And maybe if we’d start think a bit more positive, we’d also stop hoarding material things, stop waste so much and start sharing a bit more with the ones who really need it. But that is just a hunch. In any case, we might find that the more valuable currency of the world is our emotional connection to each other… But how can we even connect when we are in a depression? …

So to close this with the famous words of Edina Monsoon “Well it may not be all great and good but it ain’t that bad, so cheer up world it may never bloody happen!!!” (read the whole quote here)

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