The Creative Powers Within

March 6th, 2014

As I am trying to connect with my inner creative powers, I had some interesting discussions and revelations. A friend, who is a teacher, mentioned that the ultimate question about every human being boils down to: “Where is your self-worth chipped, and how can it be healed?” (Thank you Christian Kissling)

That quote followed me for a long time because this notion came up in other conversations and is being a focal point of the course “The Artist’s Way”. And the sense I’m getting is that if only we all had a better capability for self-approval and love for ourselves, we wouldn’t succumb to all the artificial needs for money, power, territory, etc… Needs that have been created (and sustained within our society) to fill a void that cannot be filled by anything external. Forces that in fact are destructive rather than creative… And so if we can connect to our inner self we connect to our creativity… and subsequently distance ourselves from destructiveness.

But how can we do that? There is some healing to do, and some find that with meditation, some find it in the arts, writing, singing, dancing, others in prayer, but If we can find our inner joy and happiness, independent from anything and anyone else, and we can become truly self-sustaining in terms of approval, we could potentially strip ourselves of all the unnecessary needs. And that’s also when we become true joyful creators of our life.

Now that sounds all very spiritual, but practically it starts by questioning what is it that I want and why. Whenever I feel the need to buy something, I ask myself “haven’t I got enough shoes already?” (yeah right!)… And realising that no material possession can bring joy to an unfulfilled heart! And so I try to find other ways to dig deeper… It doesn’t always work, but it’s a start to heal the heart and spirit.

Inner peace it is, I guess. And joy. And all of that comes from within, and if anything this picture is supposed to reflect on that notion. Because joy is the best creative energy there is!


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