“Aldona does the kind of work that is rare and beautiful in the way it reflects reality, creates awareness about what is going on beneath the surface, and offers humour that enables topics to be discussed which might otherwise remain taboo. The mixture of her intellect, intuitive insight into organisations and quirky style, make for a unique approach to organisational and leadership development… the world deserves to experience and see more of her work!”
Sytske Casimir,, Netherlands,

“The collaboration with Aldona is wonderfully uncomplicated and very efficient. Often Aldona only needs a few cues or just some very rough drafted, verbally jotted ideas and her brain areas responsible for her creativity are obviously already sending signals to her drawing hand… Absolutely professional!”
Jörg Buckmann, VBZ Zürich, Switzerland, buckmanngewinnt

“I met Aldona in 2008 while attending the Newfield Coach Training Program and immediately felt drawn to her ‘larger than life presence.’ Her energy, sense of humor and integrity are extraordinary. We kept in touch over the years and I experienced Aldona alternatively as a friend, client, and colleague. That said, Aldona’s graphic talent and ability to translate stories into comic strips are what impress me most. Anyone crossing her path personally or professionally is in for a big treat!”
Sabine Tuzik, Washington, DC, USA, linkedin

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