Let’s Talk About Creativity!

February 19th, 2015

Hello again, after long last

Welcome to my channel, and it is all about creativity! I think the world needs more colour, needs more diversity, it often also could do with more creativity. And I like to reflect on creative creation!

Many people often ask me how I get my ideas and how they could become more creative. In any case creativity means work… it doesn’t just happen like that!

But everyone can be creative, and everyone can generate new ideas … it is about how can we improve on what we already do… My aim is to hopefully inspire and open up those possibilities for people who care to watch my clips!

Why should I talk about creativity and reflect on it? For one I am an artist working on webcomics, and stories. Although one could argue not all artists are creative… But moving on, I also have a background in neuroscience and psychology, with focus on perception and cognitive psychology, so I know a little bit about how the brain works…

That being said, I am not an expert. In the sense that I will not sit here and tell you bullet points about creativity. I want to create an evolving conversation, and reflection around what it means to be creative. I want to offer options. A vast array of possibilities and perspectives… I will make recommendations of books and clips and you choose whatever you feel like speaks to you…

Creativity is about painting with all the colours of the rainbow and considering all perspectives of an idea… the more we can diversify our own train of thought, the richer our ideas and the results can become. It is about being able to feel the inspiration, embracing the unknown and choosing from a diversity of possibilities…

So join me in my clips about “how to be creative” and also have a look at my (almost) weekly creative talks where I talk a little about different movies, different aspects of life. It is more of a drivel really, but maybe you find some inspiration in there too!



Check out the creative talks/news here:
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