I am a Creativist

February 20th, 2014


I haven’t had any dreams for a long while now, as you may notice…, but this night woke up from one and I was lying awake and at 4 o’clock in the morning I scribbled something on a piece of paper. I knew I had to capture it, otherwise I could not go to sleep again. Here is the unabridged version:

“I dreamt… a question, or a notion… that maybe contrary to popular belief, our mindsets and structures in the (so-called) civilized world are no more based on facts than the superstitions and magic of our medieval ancestors? Is it now me being a critic, a pessimist, a destructivist? Quite the opposite, I believe. Just the creativist who believes that once we understand that everything is smoke and mirrors (or dragons and wizardry) we can truely become creative artists of our collective fate.”

I need to explore this thought more deeply. But I will leave it here for you, to reflect upon, to comment upon if you wish.

Sometimes people come and say to me ” I admire your arts, I wished I could be creative”. If you read my last post you know where my stand on this is,… we all are creative! We can all be creators. And we can all collectively create. Maybe it’s just that we don’t see the blank canvas in front of us…

Only when I woke up I actually looked up if the word “Creativist” even exists. I found it here: Urban Dictionary

Fitting, innit?



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  1. Andre

    Be aware not to fall in misinterpretation with “creationist”, which is a stupid idea of the origins of the entire material world. 😉

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