Experience & Competence

passfoto2I was born in Warsaw, Poland, brought up and studied in Zurich, Switzerland, lived in Sydney, Australia for 2 years. And currently residing in the beautiful north of Switzerland!


I have a Masters in Psychology as well as Neuroscience and Media Research from the University of Zürich. I have also attended the Newfield Coaching Training program and the Grubb group relations conference.

Work Experience

For many years I have worked in a big international organization where I developed my professional and intercultural skills. As the deputy of the global head of Learning & Development I was responsible both for conducting and also designing global learning initatives on individual and organizational level. I was working with all levels of the hierarchy including senior managers and bring a wide range of behavioural and business knowledge. During that time I have also built my intuition through my work with people and groups, I am continuously exploring the images and visuals that come up for me when I work with others and try to incorporate my intuitive wisdom in my work as an illustrator as well as coach and consultant.

International Experience

Throughout my career I have gathered a lot of international exposure and got also trained and certified through the IDI on the intercultural development inventory. I have also conducted intercultural awareness trainings and can speak 5 languages. The map below shows where I had the privilege to work and conduct and facilitate workshops. My biggest gift was to work with people from completely different areas in the world, and learn from them and broaden my own perspective on life and our planet. The experience of working with diverse groups of people helps me continuously to grow and helps me to ask more questions rather than always being in need of answers.


*”Despite the fact that the map looks that way, I do NOT believe the world is still flat…”

Cartoon Experience

I have started drawing my first comics at the age of 5 and continued to draw many comic stories during my childhood, adolescence and university years. It wasn’t just to make drawings, I see myself as a visual storyteller. I was inspired by animated movies, and when I grew up I did not have the possibilities to create such movies… so I reverted to “movies on paper”, which we call comics. But really they were movies for me.

Much later I discovered a way to bring that passion into my line of work by facilitating workshops graphically and capturing what was explored in a visual snapshot. Comics, cartoons and illustrations, even though I like them to be funny, are not to be understood JUST as a means to make fun of something but more a valuable visual tool for storytelling and making sense of our reality.


My aim is to continuously develop and challenge myself and also to support and encourage others to do the same. I am constantly striving to use my graphic talent to lighten up conversations and workshops, as well as to help people and organizations reflect on issues and solve problems by connecting to our creative right-brain thinking. Further I believe that drawings and illustrations can help us create new realities we envision and futures we desire. It can help us bring a focus to what we really want, and show us things we might have missed otherwise.

My drawings for me helped me to create my life, and I want to support others to create theirs.


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