Creating Possibilities

goddessFor individuals:

I can help you create the change you want to achieve. I fundamentaly believe that we can design our destiny and drive towards a future we co-create.

With personal coaching I can offer different perspectives, asking different questions, in order to open up new possibilties and helping you to find your own answers in personal or professional transitions.

As a newfield trained coach I can work with emotions, the body and language to create the shift that you desire. Contact me if you’d like to know more and schedule a free consultation

For organizations:

I am combining an education in psychology, experience in leadership development and a passion for illustration. And my aim is in activating our right brain creativity by using illustrations and cartoons for organizational purposes and leadership development initatives.

I can create illustrations for different purposes whether only for internal or external communication, marketing, attraction, diversity or development. I can do graphic facilitation for workshops and capturing what is being unearthed in the room on a visual level. I work with my intuition, my learning experience as well as my life-long practice as a cartoonist.

Contact me if you’d like to discuss about how to use the tools of graphics for your purposes effectively.

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