Artists’R Us!

October 17th, 2013


One night I woke up from a dream. And I had this epiphany, that everyone is an artist… And I mean everyone!

Funnily enough I dreamt of a Hiring Manager. So it wasn’t a job one would usually consider artistic. And yet, in my dream, it was! It was about the fact that every job can become an art. And every person can be an artist with whatever they do, if so they choose!

A simple definition of an artist is: a person who creates something from nothing. Or a person whose work shows exceptional creative ability or skill. Well there is an interesting debate on what makes an artist and you can read someone else’s blog on this here!

My definition of an artist is more inclusive: A person who shows creativity in what they do and makes an art out of it. Because I think that artistry is just a mindset! It’s about seeing that spark of inspiration and following it with curiosity of what will become,… When I start working on a page of a comic, it often turns out completely different than I initially planned. But exactly the same happens when I facilitate a group in a Leadership Program. So the art just emerges and the (co-)creation is being brought forth into the world.

How can we bring that spark of inspiration, curiosity and creation into the workplace? Not just doing something for the sake of doing or making money, but for the sake of creation? I cannot answer this question, because the answer might be different for everyone. Some need to re-ignite their inspiration for their work,  some might just need to start letting go of old patterns and be curious of trying some new moves, and others might need to shift the mindset that work is just… well… work…

Once we start our artistic journey even a conversation with the customer service could become magical (read more about it here).

So I say, embrace your inner artist and create!!

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  1. Delphia

    I litllaery jumped out of my chair and danced after reading this!

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