stairsWhere do you want to go?

I am here, just like you, trying to make sense of our experience as a human, a co-worker, a leader, and I might not have the answers, but I have some tools to explore possibilities. And I believe we can all be part of creating the future we want for ourselves.

What is the new direction you want to take?

My aim is to encourage and challenge others to design their life. I am striving to use my art to lighten up conversations, as well as to help people and organizations reflect on issues differently by connecting to our creative right-brain thinking.

Where would YOU love to go?

I bring an education in psychology and neuroscience, experience in professional coaching, leadership development consultant and facilitator and a passion for visual storytelling, strategic illustration and graphic facilitation. And with this I can support you to explore your questions.

Where do you want us to go from here?





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